In Nigeria, where HIV/AIDS has reached pandemic proportions due to ignorance and low level of awareness, the numbers of widows and orphans due to HIV/AIDS is increasing on a daily basis. Nigeria is the home of more than 2 million orphans.

By 2010 there will be 40 million Orphans in Africa.

In Nigeria, orphans are left to care for themselves at a young age, or to be raised by other relations and grandparents became parents again.

N4H is highly committed to meet the needs of these children. Their hopes are like those of any child anywhere in the world which is to be embraced with love and to have a secure future.

Our Orphans and vulnerable children (OVC) program has enjoyed a great success. N4H has laid a solid foundation for a better tomorrow through compassion and hope for more than 50 orphans in Ile-Ife and Ilesha in Nigeria.

N4H has made the following programs available to our OVC family; Innovative programs that directly serve the needs of Orphans and Vulnerable children that are affected by HIV/AIDS. The children will be given great empowerment to be able to take part in decision-making, advocacy, and leadership.

  • Programs to enhance or create a supportive environment for children’s growth and development
  • Primary and secondary education with an holistic approach to children’s needs
  • Vocational education and skills development
  • Income-generating activities for caregivers and independent orphans
  • Foods, shops and house rents
  • Hairdressing and tailoring machines equipment
  • Programs that contribute to social and behavioral change
  • Recreational activities/counseling/programs focusing on psychosocial support
  • Sexual abuse prevention and treatment
  • Programs that provide leadership opportunities for children and youth
  • Medical treatment for HIV-infected children and youth
  • Reintegration of children into the community
  • Permanency planning and related legal aid advocacy
  • We believe that life is a thing of joy for every human being which must be shared, treasured and protected at all cost.cost.