Who We Are

The set up of N4H is about the fullness of our heart which is expressed in our eyes, in our touch, in what we write, in what we say, in the way we walk, the way we receive, the way we need with love, compassion, sense of belonging, transparency, accountability and passion for humanity.

At N4H, we believe that when more people smile contentedly daily, then the world can be truly better. Our goal is to continue to make a difference by touching and changing lives.

Network for Humanity approach and methods is to take time to notice all the usually unnoticed simple things in life. Delight in the never-ending hope that’s available everyday to HIV/AIDS patients. We are confident, competent, expertise and professional individuals and extremely knowledgeable on international health policy issues and trends on HIV/AIDS, prevention, care, treatment and management.

The Board of Directors and Advisers consists of eminent individuals who are held in high esteem. They are appointed to give strategic support and advise to N4H.

Network for Humanity’s independent Board of Directors makes all decisions regarding program criteria and financial awards, and oversees the organization’s operations.

Our guiding principles including operating with integrity and efficiency and in a manner that honors God, donors and member.

Reaching beyond imagination is what we are hoping that anyone who connects with N4H will experience beginning now and this time forward.

Our source of funding will come from individuals, governments, companies, partnerships and other NGOs. We also hope this resource will inspire you to greater commitment in catching the vision for the new direction we are taking to fulfill our mission towards combating HIV/AIDS pandemic in Nigeria and Africa.

Please, find out how you can change lives and start making a difference now through your donations and services.